Secret Cove Hotel

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Secret Cove Hotel is not only a hotel/condo concept but is also a meditation center and clinic specializing in sexual healing.

The peninsula selected for the Secret Cove Hotel within an easy walk or golf cart ride from the Half Moon Bay Retreat.

The plan calls for a heliport within a half mile of the "Hotel" and just a few short minutes from Houston Intercontinental Airport or downtown.

The vision is to provide a place of total escape and relaxation from the vigors of modern life and the toxic urban and corporate environment.

Spas offering the most advanced techniques in massage and other relaxation techniques will be provided to the discriminating visitor. For those persons, both male and female who suffer from various forms of sexual disfunction, highly trained specialists will be available to help you through a process of sexual healing.

A referral from your physician will be necessary in order to be admitted into the sexual healing program.

George H. Russell

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